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BCM Global // Client Portal and Core application

BCM Global, a leading loan servicer, enhanced its mortgage services with a comprehensive management system and a white-label client portal. The project streamlined dossier management, improved user experience, and supported residential and commercial real estate. Through a structured design process, we developed a user-friendly platform with key integrations like Amazon Cognito 2FA and Hyarchis document management, ensuring robust functionality and security. The platform has been successfully implemented and is continuously improved.

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    Figma, Miro

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    Lead UX Designer/Product Owner

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Transforming Mortgage Services for a Global Market

BCM Global is a worldwide loan servicer with offices around the globe, managing over 120,000 loans valued at 80 billion euros in assets. Within two years, they conquered the majority of the buy-to-let market in the Netherlands. BCM Global’s mission is to provide exceptional service to their clients, including money providers, employees, and mortgage advisors, ensuring streamlined communication and efficient dossier management from new applications to loan management.


Creating an Intuitive, Unified Mortgage Management Experience

Develop an intuitive and user-friendly platform that seamlessly integrates mortgage application and management processes for diverse users, including money providers, employees, mortgage advisors and residential customers. The platform needed to facilitate efficient communication, support both residential and commercial real estate, and be accessible to users with varying roles. Ensuring a consistent and engaging user experience across all channels was paramount to drive adoption and satisfaction.

Design Process

Design Process

1. Business Challenge Identification: Understand user requirements for each part of the application.

2. Design Session: Ideate solutions and create wireframes based on discussions. Gather feedback from platform users.

3. Refinement Session: Refine wireframes based on feedback and discuss technical implementation.

4. Prototype: Convert final wireframes into high-fidelity clickable prototypes.

5. Testing: Share prototypes with business analysts and a group of users for testing.

6. Implementation: Begin implementation upon final approval of prototypes, starting work in the next sprint.


UX Strategy

The UX strategy focused on creating a seamless and user-friendly experience that meets the diverse needs of BCM Global’s users. The approach involved extensive research, user-centered design principles, and continuous iteration based on feedback.

Together with the client we created a cycle where we would work 2-4 weeks on each journey and start development immediately after.


Project by the numbers.


Employee Journeys Delivered

Enhancing Employee Efficiency and Engagement.


Customer Journeys Delivered

Giving customers direct insight in the status of their mortgage application.


Design Iterations

Refining the Experience through Continuous Improvement.


Delivered Products


Client portal

The delivery of the client portal for BCM Global marked a significant milestone in enhancing client experience and engagement. The portal, designed to cater to both residential and commercial clients, allows users to check the status of their mortgages at any time. It features approximately 25 different customer journeys, including KYC checks, 2FA, payments, document management, building depot management, and advisor communications, among others. This comprehensive and intuitive portal ensures that clients have seamless access to all necessary information and services, promoting transparency and convenience in their mortgage management processes.


Advisor portal

The delivery of the advisor portal for BCM Global significantly enhanced communication and efficiency for advisors. This platform enables advisors to quickly and effectively communicate with money providers and their residential and commercial clients. With streamlined access to critical information and communication tools, advisors can manage interactions and processes more efficiently, ensuring a higher level of service and support for their clients. By reducing the time needed to gather client documents, the portal allows advisors to focus more on providing actual advice. This platform supports various functions, from document management to real-time messaging, facilitating seamless and productive advisor-client relationships.


Employee portal

The delivery of the employee portal for BCM Global revolutionized the way employees of money providers manage their tasks. This portal provides employees with the ability to have clear and efficient communication with advisors, ensuring that all parties are aligned and informed. It offers a streamlined approach to handling mortgage dossiers, making the process more efficient and reducing the potential for errors.

The employee portal includes numerous employee journeys, such as a workload manager, internal and external tasks and communications, roles and permissions management, dossier handling for residential and buy-to-let mortgages, 2FA, and many more. By facilitating smooth interactions and providing easy access to essential information, the employee portal enhances productivity and supports better service delivery to clients.


White label options

The product’s ability to be white-labeled to any brand and style of the money provider significantly enhanced its flexibility and appeal. This customization ensured that customers always felt they were communicating with their chosen money provider, reinforcing brand trust and consistency. By adapting the portal to match the unique branding and design standards of each provider, we created a new foundation for each money provider. This feature provided customers with a coherent and trusted interaction platform, enhancing their overall satisfaction and engagement.


Design Challenges

Effective Communication is Key
Maintaining clear and consistent communication between all stakeholders, including management, developers, and end-users, is crucial for the success of such complex projects. Regular design sessions and refinement meetings ensure that everyone is aligned and that user needs are continuously met.

Integration of Multiple Systems
Successfully integrating multiple systems (e.g., 2FA, document management, and communication tools) into a cohesive platform was a significant achievement. This integration streamlined workflows and enhanced the overall efficiency of mortgage management.

Managing Multidisciplinary Teams
Working with a multidisciplinary near-shore team taught me the nuances of managing diverse skill sets and ensuring seamless collaboration across different cultures and expertise areas.

Time Management and Prioritization
Managing multiple tasks and deadlines taught me the importance of effective time management and prioritization. Breaking down tasks into manageable segments and focusing on high-impact activities helped me stay on track and meet project milestones.


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