The client for this project is a local wine store in my hometown. This store was mainly focused on selling wine to restaurants and other hospitality, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic all restaurants were closed in the Netherlands. This requested a big change for the owner of the store, that is why he started to shift and sell more wine directly to consumers. However, the website was not optimized for B2C sales and lacked a lot of clarity about the wines.

This project was made using the design thinking framework. The first phase of the project was all about gathering as much information as possible from users. This was done by user interviews and a survey.  Based on the gathered information it was possible to create a clear challenge.



UX/UI Designer

Project phase


After many interviews and a survey I concluded that there are two big challenges up ahead:

  1. How might we help users make a better decision when choosing their wine?
  2. How might we give a user a clear overview of all available information about the wine?

"The users for this website can be divided into two different groups, users that know all about wine and users that don't know about wine but like to have help choosing."

"Preffered wine to buy online is regular white and red wine."

"Most respondents buy wine in the supermarket or at the local liquor store."

"Respondents buy wine online either if they want a special wine or if there is a financial incentive."


Final product

With all gathered information, I was able to create a low fidelity prototype. This prototype was tested with multiple users of the different target groups. Some small improvements were made, so the low fidelity screens were turned into a high-fidelity clickable prototype.

Wine Wizard

Single product landing page

Future Development

The goal of this project was to improve the current website and make it more accessible for normal consumers. A great next step would be to do something with all the data gathered with the wine finder. For example, the possibility to give consumers suggestions of new wines which have a similar profile as the ones they already bought. This way the store can build a long term relationship with the consumer.

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