Ever since I was a kid, my passion has always been to create things. I’ve always known that creating things that look good and are easy to use make a great user experience. And a great user experience equals a happy client.

I have a love-hate relationship with the web, since I like all the amazing content, but fear that we might disconnect in real life. That is why I became so passionate about UX and UI design. I want to change the web for the better and don’t make applications that oversee people, but actually help people do a better job. I like to talk with people and really dig into the problems they experience so we can solve them with modern technology.

Biggest Design Challenges

The biggest design challenges I faced so far were the creation of a client portal that is used by multiple money providers as a whitelabled portal and features for a mortgage approval web application. These applications are used by thousands of people and affect the lives of millions.

Who am I?

I am a perfectionist searching for the very best, whether this is for the users of the applications I create or the pasta that I cook. Because besides designing, my passions are cooking, wine and sports. Oh, and I like plants too!

People characterize me as creative, resourceful, adaptive, driven by result and entrepreneurial. I thrive when I work with passionate clients that have a clear vision in mind, this pushes me to come up with the greatest solutions.
I like to work closely with the development team and inspire them to always make the best out of it so we can create the most optimal experience for our users.


I started working at the age of 14, at a local cheese store. And now all these years later actually not much has changed, because whether you are busy selling cheese or designing an application, the most important factor is to create a happy user.

During university I started to work as an intern at a local online marketing company where I learned a lot about search engine optimization and creating websites. This is also something I did on the side with my first company.
Later, I decided work as an online marketing specialist at a retail and real estate developer, where I learned my heart was with design and creating great experiences. Therefore, I made a big change and started to work as a UX/UI designer. Luckily all the knowledge I gathered over the years as an online marketeer is also helpful when creating a new concept.